AEOLOS® Air cushions is the star amongst anything void-fill related, because it is flexible, durable and cost-efficient.

With just one air chamber, our AEOLOS® air cushion packaging is standard for all classic air cushion packaging. It is the star amongst anything void-fill related, because it is flexible, durable and cost-efficient. Low disposal costs and various possibilities for use in cavity filling situations make this product a must!

The cushions are filled on-demand in the packing area using an air cushion machine, in order to fill empty spaces in packages quickly and efficiently and make the product secure for transport.

Depending on what you need, we offer our AEOLOS® products in the following range: Standard, Classic, Premium.


Durable and reliable

Compelling quality in three models

Space and cost-efficient

Minimal storage and low transport costs.


Large or small, heavy or delicate, suitable for use with any product


Due to its space-saving volume, air cushion packaging minimises transport volume and allows for easy disposal after use – with just one snip you are left with an empty pouch that can be recycled

Easy to use

Compact, user-friendly equipment that can be integrated within your packaging system in many different ways.


As a responsible manufacturer of Polythene products, Ripac can supply a wide range of Packaging Solutions to meet your demands. Our films are 100% recyclable, reusable and only take up 1% of their inflated space making it one of the most efficient materials to recycle.

Our range of Standard films are able to satisfy the majority of the fast growing online businesses. With extended roll lengths this fully supports Customers achieve operational efficiency with minimal downtime.

200x100mm, 1000m
200x150mm, 1000m
200x200mm, 1000m

The Classic range offers strength and durability with a unique blend of film designed to retain the air for longer periods. Also available in longer roll lengths to aid efficiency.

200×100 mm, 1220m
200×150 mm, 1220m
200×200 mm, 1220m

200×100 mm, 1000m
200×150 mm, 1000m
200×200 mm, 1000m
275×200 mm, 800m

200×100 mm, 500m
200×150 mm, 500m
200×200 mm, 500m
400×100 mm, 250m
400×100 mm, 500m

The ECO films are 20% CO2 reduced film compared to other films in the market and can be recognised by the green color of the film.
Our distinct Eco film is produced using the minimal carbon footprint, in some cases by as much as 20% compared to our materials on the market. It is important to highlight our Eco film is not Bio-degrable but please follow the link to see why Bio-degrable films are not great for the environment.

200x100mm, 500m
200x200mm, 500m
225x100mm, 600m
225x150mm, 600m
225x200mm, 600m
275x200mm, 800m

The Premium films are for heavy duty packaging applications.
The Premium range of films was developed to support those Customers with more demanding products. Where weight and difficult shapes come into effect, the Premium films can offer excellent protection without the need for an expensive bespoke solution.

200x100mm, 500m
200x150mm, 500m
200x200mm, 500m
400x100mm, 250m


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