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Our ANEMOI® film is a protective quilt which is divided into several air pockets and spreads over a large area.

Our ANEMOI® film matting is a further development of the classic air cushion, turning it into a protective quilt which is divided into several air pockets and spreads over a large area. It is the version with the best cost/benefit ratio for you and your clients, because with its low volume, it makes filling large spaces easy and uncomplicated. At the same time, the multi-pocket construction ensures optimal package protection. Depending on how you want it, ANEMOI® mats can be used in various different ways.

The specially designed chamber systems effectively act as a gentle shock absorber by automatically adjusting the air pressure during rough transportation. Similar to our brand AEOLOS® we offer our ANEMOI® as Standard, Classic and Premium version.


Durable and reliable

Compelling quality in three models: small, medium and large.

Space and cost-efficient

Minimal storage and low transport costs.


Large or small, heavy or delicate, suitable for use with any product.


Due to its space-saving volume, air cushion packaging minimises transport volume and allows for easy disposal after use – with just one snip you are left with an empty pouch that can be recycled.

Easy to use

Compact, user-friendly equipment that can be integrated within your packaging system in many different ways.

Post-Consumer Recycled film

Post-Consumer Recycled film is a type of plastic film that is made from recycled materials, specifically plastic waste that has been collected from consumers after use. PCR film is part of the broader effort to reduce the amount of plastic waste generated and promote a more sustainable approach to packaging.


Anemoi Quilted material is available in different blends as well as heights and widths. Entering the realms of ‘Bubble on demand’ Anemoi can be stored in it’s flat state and inflated when the operators require the material. With massive savings over storing traditional bubble wrap, we can also integrate delivery of the finished quilt to the workstation.

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