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Integration Consultation

We will create the perfect infrastructure for you and your clients!

In order to organise the optimal packing process, we can develop solutions which are customised to your needs. From sophisticated lifting systems and efficient air ducts for staff in packing areas, right up to perfectly aligned bins, no task is too big for us! Our ideas are constructed for your benefit: cost-saving through increased efficiency, preservation of staff resources and an optimisation of the work process through ergonomic packing areas and space-saving.

Product Consultation

As a flexible manufacturer of padding and packaging for many different purposes, we work with clients all over Europe. For you, as a fulfilment company, service provider or distributor, it is important that all procedures are fast, safe and run smoothly. We will provide consultation, look after your needs and provide you with a range of packaging protection products that have been developed to protect your products in the best possible way during storage and transport.

Void Filling

No matter how small, large, heavy or delicate the product is, we have innovative packaging material to fill empty spaces and secure your products.


According to the product properties, we can offer you cost-efficient, standardised package protection or individually developed all-round protection.


Tailor-made packaging is as unique as the client’s products and ensures the perfect protection against various kinds of stress and pressure.

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