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Ri-Wrap is a revolutionary product that takes rolls of converted pre-slit paper and transforms into a 3D protective honeycomb cushioning material.

Due to the unique design of the paper, when wrapping with Ri-Wrap the cells expand not only to provide all round protection but also nest into each other firmly locking the cells together and eliminating the requirements for tapes or adhesives. The major benefit is the paper is expanded at the point of packing eliminating the requirement to store large rolls of bubble wrap at the workstation.


Utilising unique converting technology, Ri-Wrap offers the following features:

Anti-jamming technology

Anti-jamming technology reduces downtime.

High speed

Running at 1.7 metres per second Ri-Wrap is up to 21% more efficient than equivalent machines.


Auto-cut feature allows the exact amount of material to be used, taking full control of pack costs.

Easy to use

Easy to use digital control panel allows the operator to programme the amount of paper required or simply run the machine from the foot switch.

Modular construction

A simple modular construction allows installation to be completed in under 6 minutes.


The Ri-Wrap is designed to fully integrate to the workplace, further increasing productivity.

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