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A manual paper dispenser is a device that is designed to dispense centre feed rolls of paper manually, without the need for any automated or electronic mechanisms. It is a simple and cost-effective solution for dispensing paper in space conscious environments.

Here’s a general description of how a manual paper dispenser typically works:

  1. Design: Manual paper dispensers consist of a sturdy casing / holder that can be either desk mounted or floor standing.
  2. Loading: Simply place the centre feed roll of paper into the dispenser.
  3. Dispensing: Once the paper is loaded, the paper can be pulled through the exit chute. There is a simple tear off safety edge that eliminates the requirement for knives or scissors.
  4. Tear-off or cutting: Once the desired length of paper has been achieved, simply pull against the safety edge to tear-off.
  5. Refilling: As there are no cardboard cores to dispose of, you will inevitably use every last metre of paper and once the dispenser is empty simply load a new roll and you are good to go.

Manual paper dispensers are often used in situations where there is no need for automated or touchless dispensing, or in areas where electricity is not readily available. If workspace is really limited, why not consider the paper in box concept?


Utilising unique converting technology, Ri-Fill offers the following features:

Easy to use

Easy to use digital control panel allows the operator to programme the amount of paper required or simply run the machine from the foot switch.


The Ri-Fill is designed to fully integrate to the workplace, further increasing productivity.

Modular construction

A simple modular construction allows installation to be completed in under 6 minutes.

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