Sharp-edged, pointed and very heavy products need special protection: with our foam solutions we have a real alternative that fits perfectly with your product.

Foam packaging expands itself and fills empty spaces completely and with no problems. Within a matter of seconds the foam is firm and adjusts its shape to fit around the products. According to what you need, the box can be fitted with packaging foam to fill up every last space or economically in just the corners and edges in order to hold the product in place. RIPExFoam is very low-weight and extremely shock-proof and resistant.


All-round protection

Foam padding packaging fits perfectly around the product to fix and protect it in the best possible way.

Versatile and individual

Available in different levels of density, it can be used all over or just in certain places, when hardening it fits around the individual shape of the product.

High-quality and robust

Extremely shock-proof and highly padded, especially for sharp-edged or very heavy items.

Easy to use

Compact, user-friendly equipment that can be integrated within your packing system in many different ways.

Space and cost-efficient

On-demand system for minimal storage and easy foam padding packaging which means low transport costs.


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